Taken on 11/02/2012. God, do I love me an M3.

Taken on 10/10/2012. This was the first Cobra kit that I’d seen of a string of Cobras over the course of a few weeks. At first I thought maybe there was a car show or something coming up but then one night my wife and I were driving home from furniture shopping and passed a Shelby showroom.

I had no idea those existed. Blew my mind.

Taken on 9/3.  This one was tough to identify.  I’m fairly certain it’s a Jaguar SS100 Roadster from the ’30s, though.  Very pretty, and someone obviously loves this car.

V10 Audi R8?  Yes, please.

Proper third pedal, too.

I haven’t seen a GTO in person for a long time and this was a shining example of one that’s been well-taken care of.

Taken on 5/14/2012.  One of the few Maseratis that I still like.

I would love to track one of these one day.

A SL 65 that isn’t a Black Edition?  What?  Why?

Taken on 4/16/12.  From far away I thought this was some old and obscure Aston Martin.  Imagine my surprise when I got closer and realized this was an even rarer beast!

Look at that thing!  I need one!

Taken on 4/12/12.  This seals it, Astons look good in any color.