Taken on 10/21/2012. I have never loved any sports team enough that I would ever put their logo on a $200,000 car. I can’t relate to that kind of devotion to a football team.

Have the snowbirds started to migrate south?  Could it be?

Who would do this?  I’ve seen worse, but still.

Every time.  Every single time.  ”Woa, another M3!”  :-D

"Oh, it’s a SMG."  :-( 

Taken on 8/24.  I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of seeing F430s.

Edit: HOLY CRAP.  It’s a 360 Spider.  Thank you, maxpower824, for pointing out my laziness!

Taken on 8/24.  Someone likes to sticker up their M3.

These things look better in person than I was expecting.  I still like the roadster better, but hot damn.