Taken on 11/27/2012. The owner of this MG clearly loves this car. I’ve never seen a cover like this before and I fear I won’t see many more in the future. This guy? A saint among car owners.

Taken on 10/29/2012. I’d like to meet this one’s owner. I’ve seen it often enough that I’d like to compliment it’s owner in person.

Right off the bat my appologies for the terrible lighting on these.  Harsh sun and dark shadows on the same subject do not a great photograph make.

Now then, I pulled up behind this Aston in traffic today and immediately engaged creeper mode.

"How old is that DB7?  I have to follow this car…"

So I did!  Luckily the guy behind the wheel stopped behind a local Starbucks where I was able to find my own spot.

The owner was a super nice guy who informed me he was planning on buying a Jag XKR in the coming weeks and who claimed that his DB7 was one of a kind.  Apparently his is the only one they made in this color.

Who would do this?  I’ve seen worse, but still.

Taken on 8/24.  If I was going to throw away thousands of dollars on a car that was many times larger than anything I’ll ever need it would be on an Evoque.  I really like the way these look.

Taken on 7/3/2012.  It seems fitting that I should find such a beautiful example of Pininfarina design the day I learned about Sergio Pininfarina’s death.

He was a giant.  May he rest in peace.

Taken on 7/3/2012.  And the very next day look at what I stumbled across!  Another one!

So far I think red looks the best of the three I’ve seen.