Right off the bat my appologies for the terrible lighting on these.  Harsh sun and dark shadows on the same subject do not a great photograph make.

Now then, I pulled up behind this Aston in traffic today and immediately engaged creeper mode.

"How old is that DB7?  I have to follow this car…"

So I did!  Luckily the guy behind the wheel stopped behind a local Starbucks where I was able to find my own spot.

The owner was a super nice guy who informed me he was planning on buying a Jag XKR in the coming weeks and who claimed that his DB7 was one of a kind.  Apparently his is the only one they made in this color.

Taken on 7/5/2012.  Something tells me this thing goes really fast.

"Hey look, a nine-elev…  What is this sorcery?!"

I swear to God I really thought that when I turned the corner. 

I highly doubt this is the case, but in the weird event that anyone looks forward to what I post I apologize for my lack of posts lately.  Unfortunately (as I’ve mentioned in the past) finding cool and rare cars out in the wild is becoming more and more difficult as their owners leave for the summer months.

Yes, I realize that it’s spring, but in South Florida we only have two seasons: Summer, and two weeks of 60 degree weather.

Once October or November rolls back around I’m sure my posts will pick back up.  Until then, I haven’t abandoned EN, I promise.

See?  Here’s a Ferrari! 

Lots of carbon fiber on this DBS, and it fits right in.  I love Astons.

I wish there were more of these things roaming around.

Is it possible for a Ferrari to be understated?  Even with the yellow calipers this thing does a halfway decent job of blending in.

But then again, that isn’t exactly the point of a Ferrari, now is it?