Taken on 12/07/2012. Classic American muscle. Who puts a Jesus fish (or any other sticker or badge) on a car like this?

Taken on 10/28/2012. Seeing old cars that have obviously been loved makes me happy.

BTW, is this a II or a Nova? I don’t know enough about old Chevys to interpret the Wikipedia article properly.

Taken on 10/10/2012. This was the first Cobra kit that I’d seen of a string of Cobras over the course of a few weeks. At first I thought maybe there was a car show or something coming up but then one night my wife and I were driving home from furniture shopping and passed a Shelby showroom.

I had no idea those existed. Blew my mind.

Taken on 7/2/2012.  America.  FUCK YEAH.

I haven’t seen a GTO in person for a long time and this was a shining example of one that’s been well-taken care of.

Audi S4: Electric Blue-galoo!

Too vague?  No one gets the reference?  Alright, moving on. 

Taken on 4/16/12.  From far away I thought this was some old and obscure Aston Martin.  Imagine my surprise when I got closer and realized this was an even rarer beast!

Look at that thing!  I need one!

Okay, yesterday I saw the Mach 1 with a tag 783 117.  Today I see a Shelby GT 350 with a tag 783 118 in nearly the exact same spot.

Someone registered their two Mustangs back to back.  I can’t wait to see what’s parked there tomorrow.

Ho-lee shit.  I wish I had the time to wait around for the owner to come back so I could listen to it, too.