Taken on 11/27/2012. The owner of this MG clearly loves this car. I’ve never seen a cover like this before and I fear I won’t see many more in the future. This guy? A saint among car owners.

Taken on 11/01/2012. I’m not big on that color but I do like the Roadster.

Taken on 10/28/2012. This was one of the cars early in my life that made me realized that a car could be an object to be lusted after. I love these.

Taken on 10/17/2012. There’s always room for more Caymans.

Taken on 10/10/2012. This was the first Cobra kit that I’d seen of a string of Cobras over the course of a few weeks. At first I thought maybe there was a car show or something coming up but then one night my wife and I were driving home from furniture shopping and passed a Shelby showroom.

I had no idea those existed. Blew my mind.

Taken 10/10/2012. This old S8 reminded me of Ronin immediately.

Debadged hotness.  I’m fairly certain this is a 5-series wagon but I’m not certain.  Am I right?

Taken on 8/24.  Matte brown paint and black rims?  Holy crap do I like this.

Taken on 8/24.  A stock-looking Supra?  No way…

Oh, wait.  It’s an automatic.  :(