Another Shelby.  I’m not a particularly huge fan of the Mustang, at least the newer ones, but Shelby does know how to make them… Mustangier.

Taken on 1/13/2012.  Another shot of the dirtiest Mustang convertible… in the wuuuuurld!

This thing needed a bath so damn bad

Taken on 1/11/2012.  I swear, I never take blurry pictures.  Please believe me!

Taken on 1/10/2012 as I was leaving work.  Guy added a Roush roll bar to this bad boy.  Me likey.

Taken on 12/30/2011, both on the way to work, and both required a little Google-Fu to properly identify.  I’d never seen a Ford Maverick before.

Also, the Ferrari might be a GTA.  No telling from the exterior, unfortunately, but here’s hoping the guy didn’t opt for the automatic.

Taken on 12/26/2011 as well, and both belonging to our friend Mike Widman.  Mike and his father (also Mike) restored both of these 1930 Model As together, putting a lot of time and love into them.  The Town Sedan (second picture) even has a wool interior.

The first photo, the Victoria, is the one I really want to talk about, though.

As it stands, that Model A is one of two known to exist in their current condition.  Back in the day a guy named Gordon Buehrig (a designer responsible for some truly iconic cars) customized a Model A because he didn’t think he’d ever be able to afford a Duesenberg despite being employed by them at the time.  The original Buehrig Victoria Model A has been lost to the annuls of time, but Mike and Mike painstakingly restored this one to match the designs that Gordon Buehrig laid out.  They only need to finish the engine and install it, and years of work will be complete.

The story is great, Buehrig was the first guy to take a production car and customize it to the point where it deserved a new moniker.  He’s the original Saleen.  Read more about it. 

Taken on 12/20/2011.  Two more cars driven by coworkers, except this time these two belong to a couple of my bosses.

The E 63 was probably only three weeks old at the time the photo was taken, and I know its owner still hasn’t made it through the break-in period before he can really open up the throttle on that Biturboed V8.

He offered to let me drive it.  I told him I can’t afford to buy him new tires.

The Mustang is an original from 1964.  As my wife pointed out to my boss at the company Christmas party in 2010 his car couldn’t possibly be a ‘64 because black wasn’t an OEM paint option until the next year.  He laughed and admitted that the previous owner had the car repainted, then he told me I had one hell of a woman on my arm.

I agreed.