Taken on 6/27/2012.  I don’t know if this is something direct from the factory or if it’s just a fan who took it upon himself to do this.  I don’t care.  This is awesome.

Once again, I had to stand in line to get these pictures.  People love classic rides.

Okay, yesterday I saw the Mach 1 with a tag 783 117.  Today I see a Shelby GT 350 with a tag 783 118 in nearly the exact same spot.

Someone registered their two Mustangs back to back.  I can’t wait to see what’s parked there tomorrow.

Ho-lee shit.  I wish I had the time to wait around for the owner to come back so I could listen to it, too.

I had to wait in line to take pictures of this car.

That says something.  No one stands in line to take photos of a Focus. 

Another Thunderbird?  And this time a classic?  Hell yes.

Taken on 2/11/2012.  Too… big… to… fit… in… frame…

Taken on 2/8/2012.  This, boys and girls, is apparently a Ford Falcon Ranchero.  I guess they only made these for like five years.

Just goes to show that around where I live you can still spot cars more rare than Ferraris and Bentleys.