Taken on 10/29/2012. I’d like to meet this one’s owner. I’ve seen it often enough that I’d like to compliment it’s owner in person.

Have the snowbirds started to migrate south?  Could it be?

Taken on 8/24.  I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of seeing F430s.

Edit: HOLY CRAP.  It’s a 360 Spider.  Thank you, maxpower824, for pointing out my laziness!

Taken on 7/3/2012.  It seems fitting that I should find such a beautiful example of Pininfarina design the day I learned about Sergio Pininfarina’s death.

He was a giant.  May he rest in peace.

Taken on 6/8/2012.  Yep, apparently they aren’t exactly unpopular around here.

The more of these I see the more I’m convinced that I need to own one.

Do I see a gated shifter peeking out that window at me?  I think I do…