Taken on 6/8/2012.  Yep, apparently they aren’t exactly unpopular around here.

The more of these I see the more I’m convinced that I need to own one.

These never get old.  I’m also fairly certain this is the first yellow Ferrari I’ve run across.

As winter turns to spring the population around where I live begins to change dramatically.  The snow birds are again beginning their annual migration north which unfortunately means that many of the flashy, expensive, gaudy, wholly unnecessary cars (super- or otherwise) already have been or soon will be tucked away in their owners garages, patiently awaiting the return of their masters about six months from now when the weather isn’t quite so hot anymore.  My posting volume is going to drop and I wanted to mention that.

Some things ebb and flow, but on a good day you can still run across a Ferrari or two. 

Two F430s in two days?  I have the worst luck, don’t I?

Today was a great day for gated shifters, and this Ferrari hit me in an entirely different place than the F355 from before.

Namely, my pants.  Humina humina…