Taken on 11/02/2012. God, do I love me an M3.

Debadged hotness.  I’m fairly certain this is a 5-series wagon but I’m not certain.  Am I right?

Every time.  Every single time.  ”Woa, another M3!”  :-D

"Oh, it’s a SMG."  :-( 

Taken on 8/24.  Someone likes to sticker up their M3.

Taken on 7/25.  Yes, I know that was forever ago.

Something tells me this old dude has a V Caddy sitting in his garage at home with a ///M badge on it. 

Taken on 6/6/2012.  E9x M3?  Yes please.

Taken on 5/14/2012.  A Z3 Coupé!

Taken on 4/12/12.  Hardtop BMW roadsters are still pretty rare.  I like them.

What can I say about a M3 that I haven’t already said?

Now that is a rare sight.  Wow.