As I was taking these the owner of this R8 came out to get in his car.  Two great quotes from a cool old dude:

"It’s like a dancer with the AWD and the big breaks."
"I think they call this color ‘arrest-me-red’."

I want to drive one of these so bad.  Also, they look great in red. 

Taken on 1/28/2012.  Convertible Quattro 3.2L Audi TT?  Twist my arm…

I was actually wondering just yesterday if they made S-trim versions of the A3, A5, and A7.

I would kill for a S3.  Holy crap. 

Turbocharged, German 6-cylinder?  YES, PLEASE.

Taken on 1/7/2012, in Orlando, FL.  More specifically in the parking garage at Universal Studios.

I would have taken a few more shots, but with the way traffic is in those garages that would have been suicide. 

Taken on 1/3/2012.  I believe this is the first A5 I’ve ever seen out, and part of the reason I took these photos was because of the “S-Line” badges on the fenders.  I thought they were put on by the owner after the fact to fool people into thinking he bought an S rather than an A, but as it turns out S-Line is just the S trim on an A without the mechanical differences.

The other reason I took these?  This guy can’t park for shit.

Taken on 1/3/2012.  My first A7 in the wild.  Another car that looks so much better in person.

Taken on 12/29/2011 on my way home from work.  Almost not worth posting, except that it’s only the second R8 I’ve seen in person.

If it is, in fact, a R8. I’m pretty sure it is, but I was still getting use to my new phone that night.