Taken on 12/05/2012. I literally did a double-take when I drove by this TT. I had no idea they sold the RS line in America at all.

Taken 10/10/2012. This old S8 reminded me of Ronin immediately.

V10 Audi R8?  Yes, please.

Proper third pedal, too.

An Audi TT S?  What is this sorcery?

I would love to track one of these one day.

Audi S4: Electric Blue-galoo!

Too vague?  No one gets the reference?  Alright, moving on. 

I can’t get enough of these things.  I’m glad I’m starting to see more around.

Is the engine cover like that on all of the convertible R8s?  Have I just failed to notice the difference until now?

And yeah, remember what I said about being silly with R8s all of a sudden? 

I went months without seeing one, and suddenly I’m tripping over R8s.  This is a good problem to have.