Taken on 8/24.  Matte brown paint and black rims?  Holy crap do I like this.

My second Black Series Benz.  And this one is painted to match its name!

Even SLS owners can be wild and crazy!  See?

Hey!  I think we’ve just witnessed another new purchase! 

A SL 65 that isn’t a Black Edition?  What?  Why?

Now that I’ve seen one in red I want to see one in a bright blue.  Like the kind of blue that VW R32s came in.  I bet that shit would look awesome.

I knew I’d taken pictures of this one before, but I couldn’t remember if I had any interior shots.  So here you go.

I think it’s safe to say that AMG-tuned Mercs are one of the most popular cars for the rich folks around here.

I don’t care that there are already pictures of this one up, it’s pretty.