Taken on 7/2/2012.  Only the second FR-S I’ve seen in person.  The first one was silver and too quick for me to open the camera app on my phone.

Taken on 7/2/2012.  America.  FUCK YEAH.

Taken on 7/2/2012.  This is the exact car with which I fell in love when I was twelve.  Holy crap.

Taken on 6/27/2012.  I don’t know if this is something direct from the factory or if it’s just a fan who took it upon himself to do this.  I don’t care.  This is awesome.

I haven’t seen a GTO in person for a long time and this was a shining example of one that’s been well-taken care of.

Hell yeah.  This guy was in a hurry this morning.

Taken on 6/8/2012.  Yep, apparently they aren’t exactly unpopular around here.

The more of these I see the more I’m convinced that I need to own one.

Taken on 6/6/2012.  E9x M3?  Yes please.

"Hey look, a nine-elev…  What is this sorcery?!"

I swear to God I really thought that when I turned the corner.