Taken on 12/07/2012. Classic American muscle. Who puts a Jesus fish (or any other sticker or badge) on a car like this?

Taken on 12/05/2012. I literally did a double-take when I drove by this TT. I had no idea they sold the RS line in America at all.

Taken on 11/27/2012. The owner of this MG clearly loves this car. I’ve never seen a cover like this before and I fear I won’t see many more in the future. This guy? A saint among car owners.

Taken on 11/24/2012. Damn, that color. Can anyone tell me what that is?

Taken on 11/02/2012. God, do I love me an M3.

Taken on 11/01/2012. I’m not big on that color but I do like the Roadster.

Taken on 10/29/2012. I’d like to meet this one’s owner. I’ve seen it often enough that I’d like to compliment it’s owner in person.